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  • Introduction

    Our family research first started in 1993 when Nellie Frances JOHNSON passed away.  As we felt this name would be difficult to follow, we decided to trace her husband's family, Arthur Alfred KETCHER.  However, these first tentative steps didn't amount to much, and the whole concept was placed on the back burner.  With the arrival of the 1881 Census Returns on CD, our interest was once again re-ignited, and we continued to obtain information.  Unfortunately, the time we have had spare had been very limited due to other commitments, and even with the best intentions in the world, Family History research once again took a back seat.  As more information has become easily available our interest has been awoken and we are now trying to find out further details.

    To date we have obtained all the Births, Marriages and Deaths from the Family Record Centre, along with information from the 1851 - 1911 UK Census.  We have collated this information into a readable format, and the details have been placed on this site.  We are currently in the process of reading and collating the 1841 UK Census and hope to include this information on the site as soon as we can.

    These pages contain all the information we have obtained but due to time and other commitments we have decided to concentrate on our immediate family. We will therefore be uploading pages detailing our family and the information we have for them. So if you're connected to our family in any way, or here is something on the site you're not happy with, please use the Contact Us option above to let us know.

    We are aware that people like to protect their own privacy as much as possible.  Therefore we have privatized all facts for those people that we haven't got a death date for as yet.  For these people, we will only show their names, and the names of any other people associated with them.  If you find anything on this site, that you do not wish to be on show, please contact us and we will remove it as soon as possible.

    Arthur Alfred KETCHER

    1895 - 1963

    William KETCHER

    1860 - 1942